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 A Note to the Guild About the Officers

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A Note to the Guild About the Officers Empty
PostSubject: A Note to the Guild About the Officers   A Note to the Guild About the Officers Icon_minitimeWed Mar 11, 2009 2:19 pm

First let me say congradulations to all of the new officers. I am sure you will all do a excellent job.

Let me take a moment to talk to you all about the officers. Officers are carefully chosen. There are various areas we look at when choosing a officer. The ability to problem solve, the ability to communicate with others, availabilty, the willingness to help others, level within the guild and most of all the willingness to work as a team.

Remember, no one is perfect, therefore, do not judge a officer by past mistatkes, look at them for what they do from this point on and the merits they gain working with the members of the guild.

If there is a problem with a officer, report it to myself or to another officer. We will look at the problem and solve the matter. Do not think that because the situation was reported to a officer in the guild that I will not know about it or the other officers will not know. Know that all situations that happen are eventually reported or eventually reach my ears.

As I said, we are a team. If the team falls apart, so will the guild. There are no secrets among the officers. The officers are here to help, guide and to solve problems. They can not do that if they start keeping secrets. So please, my advise is, not to look at the officers as your personal friends. Look at them for who they are - officers wtihin the guild that are there to make your gaming experience go as smooth as possible.

Just remember, no one is perfect! Mistakes will be made. That is only human.

Thank you for being such a great guild!!!

A Note to the Guild About the Officers K
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A Note to the Guild About the Officers
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