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 Possible Guild Event May 17th

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Possible Guild Event May 17th Empty
PostSubject: Possible Guild Event May 17th   Possible Guild Event May 17th Icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2009 6:51 pm

Well today while playing I realized that there has not been a guild event in quite a few weeks (for reasons unknow but surely are good) and I decided that we don't have to wait for our leaders to make or host an event so I would like to have a guild event tomorrow of hide and seek.

The time tomorrow will be 11 00 AM on the Rappelz website clock. This translates to 2 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) and will allow members in North America and Europe to play as well. Thanks to Sara Leah and Siz for the help in the time decision... I had completely forgotten about the clock on the Rappelz website.

There will be 3 members hiding: one in Laksy, the other in Horizon, and finally another in Katan. I will hide in Laksy... I believe it was Mr. Rawrr that will be hiding in Horizon... and I currently do not have any one hiding in Katan but I'm sure we can find someone. Smile

Sara Leah has stated she will put in a Rank V Strike Cube up for grabs for the winner and I will put up 500 000 rupees... and maybe something special depending on how many participants we have. Wink

Everyone of all levels is welcome to come and feel free to inform the other guild of our Alliance... I do not know how to contact them otherwise I would do so myself... I think that's everything...

As a final note... I understand this is EXTREMELY short notice... but I hope to see you all online tomorrow... it's been a while since we have all gotten online and had some fun together... I will be online tomorrow between 1 00 PM and 1 30 PM EST to get ready for the event... earlier if I can but my girlfriend has convinced me to do the unthinkable... go to church! Surprised Have a good night everyone!
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Possible Guild Event May 17th
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