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 Cleric Build

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PostSubject: Cleric Build   Cleric Build Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 5:30 pm

I found this on the forums on Rappelz website and it's pretty good. Some thing in here I wouldn't do but I'll show you all how I got my skills after this post ^_^

this forum didn't allow me to post the whole page this took up so you'll just have to go and click onto this link below and read. and please do! It's very good.

IF You want to read the whole thread then this is the link to it:
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PostSubject: Re: Cleric Build   Cleric Build Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 6:01 pm

EDITIONS TO VFLAMES POST. Magicians like cm's/warlocks only need Shining Armor, Blessing of Vitality, Intelligence & Wisdom. Shining Weapon only gives extra dmg to "BAsic attacks" = the attacks you do with your weapon = we magicians like cm's healers can only get the extra dmg if we litteraly hit the mobs with our stick (staff) NOT if we use spells.

My build and thoughts lol

As you all know EVERY healer are healing differently and got their skill on the action bars differently so I'll just show you how I got and how I think it's good for me.

Cleric Build Healin12
(where the Everlasting Life Potion, F4 right side, is there I usualy got Earth Spear (which stun the target))

They are in this order from left to middle = F1 - F12
Pick up//Restoration lvl10//Restoration lvl7//Healing lvl3//Healing lvl20//Rapid Healing lvl20//Shining Armor lvl10//Shining Weapon lvl 10//Blessing of Vitality lvl10// Blessing of Strength lvl 10//Blessing of Intelligence lvl 10//Blessing of Wisdom lvl 10

and all this =
I got all my healings and buffs to my left side because I always have my hand at F1, F3, F4, F5 & F6

F1 (Pick up) I use when I'm playing looting pet ^^

(F2 Restoration lvl 10 is for ppl like: the puller, the tank (before he meets a train of mobs) and so on)

F3 (Restoration lvl7) is the usual one I use on ppl that keep getting hit all the time but isn't getting hit very hard everytime.

F4 (Healing lvl 3) Is my spam healing. Everytime someone get's hit I heal them with this heal for as long as I can.
BUT If the HP bar goes down quicker then I can heal with this healing then I put a restoration lvl7 on the person and keep healing till he got close to no adds and then I do a BIG heal.

F5 (Healing lvl20) The "BIG" heal lol. This is (very often) aggro taking because of it's size and I use it when we're taking on BIG bosses like Takin, soul and so on. and if someone with ALOT of HP (knight, Champion, Hawk (with SB as master), Carling -_- and so on) is down to orange/red.

F6 (Rapid Healing lvl20) This skill I rarely use. It's where it is because if there's an emergency (someone is down to red and going down FAST) then I use this rapid healing, it's a life saviour BUT It's also an aggro taking skill.

My Stuff to the right side of the middle:
F1 Holy Water of Goddess gives you 1000 of HP & MP (works like restoration) = I get more MP the cooldown is 10 mins though Crying or Very sad

F2 Sit, is what I do when I'm not healing ^_^ but I also try to do it while I'm getting the effects of Teas/sodas and holy water

F3 Frozen Snare a skill I use if I'm about to get attack or getting attacked. This skill does so that the target can't move BUT (!!!!) it can still hit you if you are within it's attacking range so do this on a harpie or some other range attacking mob...doesn't really help alot (I've noticed)

F4 While this Screenshot was taken I had Everlastion Potion of Life there because with those I could heal the tank even though he got 10 mobs at him because throwing a bottle doesn't take aggro ^^ BUT now when I don't have those bottles anymore...I got Earth Spear there which also is a defending skill I use when I'm about to get attack. This skill though Stuns the target completely (when it succeeds)

F5 Touch of The Goddess a skill i use after a BIG boss like Takin/Soul has done an AoE or when half the dp is about to die or when I need some time to get mp.

F6 Miracle Draines ALL the MP I got in my MP bar a.t.m. wich can be = to 11k of MP or 1MP it doesn't matter it still heals EVERYONE in my dp to MAX = I use this skill when I don't have enough mp to do any other heal or when everyone is about to die and my other 2 mass heals are on cooldown. The cooldown on Miracle is 1 hour though.

Then the rest of the space I got is to all of the ways to get mp from = Mp Recovery scrolls, blue potions, tea/soda.
AND the potions that I need = Wind Potion and Spell Potion
AND the Recall Pet skill I always got there because sometimes I need to heal the tank even though he got 10 mobs on him and instead of getting myself killed I heal with my bp and then recall it FAST (or let it die)
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PostSubject: Re: Cleric Build   Cleric Build Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 6:02 pm

Hehehehehe...that became a BIG post ^_^ sorry about that BUT BLAME Carling he gave me permission to spam this Forum Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Cleric Build   Cleric Build Icon_minitime

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Cleric Build
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