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 BluePixie Skills

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PostSubject: BluePixie Skills   BluePixie Skills Icon_minitimeMon Apr 06, 2009 3:51 pm

Carling was kind enough to make this new thread about pets (FINALLY Razz).
So I guess I'll take the intiative to begin with just showing how my BP is build.
And I'm pretty sure that it isn't perfect but it have helped me alot! So I think it's alright ^^

My Bp is lvl 99 a.t.m. an he (yes HE) got these skills:

Bless The Soul Lv 10
Clarity Lv 10
Awakening M.Atk Lv 20 (the more M.Atk = the better heals)
Blessing of Intelligence (Basic) Lv 10
Creature Item Expert Lv 1
Genius Unit: Magician Costume Lv 1
Card Ability Lv 1
Wizard Unity: Mace & Staff Lv 1

ACTIVE:Unity BluePixie Lv 10
Prayer Lv 10
Celestial Prayer Lv 10
War Cry Lv 1

War cry is something I use as a defence attack incase I'm getting attacked by more then one mob. It's nothing you really need.

Any Questions about bp's then I think I might be able to answer some. I don't know everything but I do everything I can to help Smile and If I don't know then I'll at least try to find out ;D
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PostSubject: Re: BluePixie Skills   BluePixie Skills Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 6:15 pm

This is a Screenshot that show you how I got the skills on my BP It's only lvl 98 on this pic but the skills are still in the same order.

BluePixie Skills Healin13

From the Left to right

I got the:
Unity (at Alt + 1) lvl10

Prayer lvl 10 (highest) For ppl who need BIG heals = ppl who are on orange/red, ppl/pets who got ALOT of HP and even though they are only hurt a little bit STILL need a BIG heal (tank, champ, Hawks (on sb's) Carling -_-)

Celestial Prayer lvl 10 (highest) same as above but when they are still getting hit as much as before the other healing and keep on getting hit.

War Cry lvl 1 I only use this skill because if my frozen snare is on cooldown and my earth spear is on cooldown or failed then this war cry can save my life by putting fear on to the mob (whenever it succeeds) (you don't really need this skill)

then I got the same healing again but at different lvl

Prayer lvl7 & Celestial Prayer lvl7 this is for ppl/pets who doesn't have as much HP as the knights and those and it's also for the ppl/pets who got only minor dmg.

NOTE: I don't have Seraphims Calling (or whatever the ressurection skill is called) Because if I'm there then i ressurect and my ressurection is better but for ppl who can't ressurect this skill would be good to have.

Hehehe who knew...another LONG post xD
at least now you all can't blame your absense in here, on that you got nothing to read Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: bp Rez   BluePixie Skills Icon_minitimeTue Apr 28, 2009 11:19 pm

The BP rez skill, i find usefull (even tho im a priest) when the dp is in trouble and/or a pet is down. sometimes it is important to rez ppl/pets fast so i rez and my bp does too. also if a pet is dead ( ie: bp, rp) i may use bp rez to give it more mana, cause the bp rez fills mana more.

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PostSubject: Re: BluePixie Skills   BluePixie Skills Icon_minitime

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BluePixie Skills
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