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 Easter Event! (Server Event) 8/4 - 21/4

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Easter Event! (Server Event) 8/4 - 21/4 Empty
PostSubject: Easter Event! (Server Event) 8/4 - 21/4   Easter Event! (Server Event) 8/4 - 21/4 Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 6:04 pm

Read xD

and DO read the text at the bottom!!!
It says: "At the end of the event, if the Goddess has collected more eggs, there will be a 20% Drop Rate increase for one week.

If the Witch has collected more eggs, though, there will be a 25% reduction in the amount of Rupees dropped by foes for one week.

AND with THIS in thought I've choosed how I'll do xD (dunno how you'll do it) I'll go to the witch and get something good from her and then go with the rest of the eggs to the goddess.
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Easter Event! (Server Event) 8/4 - 21/4
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