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 In Game Chracters

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PostSubject: In Game Chracters   Mon Mar 16, 2009 10:49 am

Hi every1! I am CristalBlue (a noob kahuna/now BK and to this type if game) What a Face Cool santa
Most of you know me by now. I think I have a fun personality and I truely love to make ppl Smile smile! It really makes my day and I hope it makes yours too.
I never thought I'd ever get addicted to anything, but I am now! LOL who knew?
I love being a kahuna since I can at least contribute my help by my cool buffs? Need buffs? Just ask me any time you see me. I'm glad I can help some how. I also love dancing in game and in real life. I'm so sexy in game! Wooohoooo! Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven I love you See you all in game. Oh, btw, I'm still waiting for my hawk! LOL I love you cat santa
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PostSubject: Re: In Game Chracters   Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:01 am

Hello Everyone,

This is SimaReanna. I'm a lvl 100 archer now, and have been playing Rappelz for 13 months now. This is the first MMOG I have ever played and I'm totally addicted. I have 6 characters on Salamander server although only 2 are in Force Of One. I have played every class and like the Damage Dealing (dd) classes the best, although being able to buff ppl is a cool ability. As and archer i only have self-buffs though.

Archers are a cool secondary DD. They are used primarily to pull mobs to the party and the rest of the party pull argo away from the archer. A good archer know the strength of the party and is able to pull only what the party can handle, he/she know which mobs bring adds and which ones come alone. If you ever get the chance to DP with me you will find I'm quite quiet and take pulling very seriously. I've been know to log, or suicide, if i get a room pull just to save the party. These are the traits of a good Archer.

I've been with Force Of One for 9 to 10 months; I believe that it is the best guild on Salamander server maybe even the whole game!!!

If you every find yourself in need of help just PM me and i will assist in whatever way possible.


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In Game Chracters
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