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 Dungeon party basics

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PostSubject: Dungeon party basics   Dungeon party basics Icon_minitimeThu Mar 12, 2009 3:35 am

Dungeon party
A dungeon party is a group of players who are together in a party to accomplish a goal in a dungeon.
There are different reasons to party
- similar level characters party to gain experience, items, etc.
- high levels party with lower levels to help with quests, usually boss quests
- fun - sometimes you party in dungeons for fun and do crazy stuff
Parties can consist of any player classes of any levels of any number but usually standards exist for xp/jp/leveling type parties. I will ignore high level pets because they are NOT standard.
the usual 8 player party
- 8 is max, max damage, max killing speed if all players are decent
the quad
- 4 players together as a quad to get good xp at decent spots that spawn a limited number of mobz but fast (3 mob areas in pp etc)
- 3 players as a trio - see above
- 2 players as a duo - see above - usually involve good pets

Party abbreviations
dp = dungeon party
lf = look for
dplf = dungeon party look for
lfdp = looking for dungeon party
mobz = your enemies, monsters, mobs
dd = damage dealer
tank = someone with high health who can take most of the brunt of the mobz anger
puller = someone who brings mobz to the party to be killed
ss = stamina saver (double xp/jp)

Party class roles
1. the healers
- cleric type character as primary healer - note that 2 healers is not always needed...
- kahuna types as a secondary healer for the most part
- the breeder types - heal pets
2. the buffers
- the kahuna type - buffs are great for parties and used to be standard but now that the rebirths have plagued the servers kahuna types are not always available
- the cleric type - well since clerics are standard for parties in my mind, so are their buffs. (wisdom and intelligence are not useless)
- the dark magician type - buffs are great but not essential
- the battle summoner - at high levels the auras make pets stronger - not essential but helpful at high levels
- soul breeder - buffs for pets are nice but not essential
3. the tank
- at lower levels I still think a good holy warrior is the true tank but at higher levels usually these can tank
- holy warrior / knight / soldier - the true tanks - essential at low levels
- the evoker - high damade + hp = decent tank
- the assasin - can tank at higher levels
- the champion - can tank at higher levels
4. the damage dealer - dd
- i think any class can be a dd but if i want a true dd I look for warrior class
- warriors are not essential so any class can be put here
5. the puller
- any class can pull
- be nice and if you are not healing or dual summoning or tanking, pull
- any class can cast cancel to pull, use low level chips, or use an r1 bow
- a puller class type (bow class) is not essential because any one should pull

The Must Have members:
1. cleric type as primary healer
2. someone to tank, preferably a holy warrior/knight/soldier unless r4+
3. someone to pull - does not matter who - just not a healer or dual summoner
4. everything else can be filled as per your desires
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PostSubject: Dungeon pary basics   Dungeon party basics Icon_minitimeSat Mar 14, 2009 7:47 pm

Thank you for all the helpful information. Things some of us take for granted because we know how things work. You made it simple for all! Thank you!!!

Dungeon party basics K
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Dungeon party basics
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