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 New Thread About Pets?

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PostSubject: New Thread About Pets?   Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:32 pm

I was thinking (yes believe it or not, it took awhile but it worked out ^^) that because there are so many ppl that really want to know how to build their pet up so that it can be a great tank, dd, healer or whatever; and there are so many messed up pets out there.

So perhaps we could make it abit easier for all of us by just make a new thread about pets.
What pet is best for a healer what pet is best for an assassin and so on. (it all depends if you want to be a dd, tank, healer, or whatever)

In this thread we could show our own "theories" of which pet is good for what and the best for the different classes and so on.
AND lets not forget that this thread should also have abit of info on how the pets should be build to be that GREAT tank/healer (or whatever) we want. we could just put up the skills we got on our pets and explain why we think it's the best, why the pets should have that skill and not the other one and so on.

esspecially the ones who have been playing this game for awhile and knows abit out of experience what's good or bad, like what you REALLY shouldn't have on your pet and so on.

WOW...this ended up to half an essay Shocked sorry
I'm bad at explaining things so I just type alot so that hopefully someone will understand SOMETHING ^^
and I hope this would help new players and others (including myself) how to build up their pets better then they were.

Sorry again for this REALLY big post..not sure how it happened scratch I'm off to bed see you all in game
Good Night Sleep
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PostSubject: Re: New Thread About Pets?   Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:41 pm

Great thoughts memmi. I'll get to work on my theories when I'm not almost passed out from exhaustion. Not just from reading your novel, but due to the fact it's late Razz
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PostSubject: Re: New Thread About Pets?   Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:01 am

lol.... -_-

I know it must be hard to read something someone intelligent has written for once...I can't be easy to read something that someone with way much more IQ then yourself has written Wink
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PostSubject: Re: New Thread About Pets?   Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:10 pm

Here's my Orc Theory of how an orc should be skilled:

For a Pet Class Orc:
When the skills are available max out these actives-Unity (be sure you save up jp early, so you can max this one), Cross of Valhalla, Triple Slash, Focus Slash. The skill Body Slam is nice, but costs too much jp for not long enough stun imo.
Here's the passives-Bless the Body, Meditation, Creature Item Expert, Awakening P. Def and P. Atk, Fighter Unit: Melee Weapon, and Vital Unit: Warrior Costume
For a NON-Pet Class:
When skills are available get these actives-Unity (maxed), Cross of Valhalla (lvl 1 should be good), Triple Slash (lvl 1 again), Focus Slash (maxed).
Here's the passives-Bless the Body (max), Meditation (max), Creature Item Expert, Awakening:P. Def and P. Atk (max both), Fighter Unit, Vital Unit, Bless the Soul (max), and Clarity (max)

For the pet classes, because of your regens, your pet will regen mp fast enough to not need bless soul and clarity, but for the non-pet classes the orc's mp will get gobbled up in 3-5 skills with unity on, without clarity.

For Yeti, and Hawk use this model for the passives, and do the same with actives (except the names of the actives will be slightly different but follow the same basic concept)

For all pets, I recommend staying from ANY of the blessings you get for OBing a pet...they're WAY too much jp for very little gain...the only time I'll recommend the blessing passives is if your pet is R6+ and you have nothing else to spend the jp on.

Hope this quick guide helps...I'll get back on at a later date and post my ideas on Pixies.
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PostSubject: Re: New Thread About Pets?   Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:59 pm

do passives first...and you are in no need of clarity and any other mp passive unless you got a magic attacking pet like bp, rp, siren, angel, wd and so on.
Any other pet really don't need to have passive mp increasing skills.
You just need to learn how often you can use the skills and how many you can use without the pets mp going down too low.

How much mp you need to be able to survive (how low the minimum can be without you getting into danger if something would happen) is something you'll learn while using the pet.

The blessing are good if you know what you want your pet to do.
as for my rp I want it to have better M.Atk and more mp so i give it Blessing of Intelligence.
a rp would do good with Blessing of Intelligence too BUT It would also have alot of help with Blessing of Wisdom (gives skill success).

But as deadly said the blessings do take alot of jp so there's no use to have more then one kind of blessing on pets.

on dd pets you just need to decide if you'ree going to use it as a dd or as a tank (for your alts perhaps) if you want it as a tank then Blessing of vit is great, if you want it as a dd then Blessing of Strenght.

I don't know alot of many other pets then BP's but I can tell you how much healing they need/how squishy they are = how good they are build.
Like Hawks really are great pets (for a dd) on a sb or any other pet class they rock IF they are built right their hp will be tremendous lol and they will be VERY strong.

But the pet is only as good the "master/mistress" is. If you know how to work a rp hen they RULE but if you don't know how to use it so that it wont get any aggro then it will be a cause to MANY deaths to it self and ppl in the dp you're in lol
I've seen it happen many times Oo

Deadly sorry to say it but your hawk is one of the weakest I've ever healed lol really don't know why but you've done something wrong or using something wrong Oo

Most hawks when they are on a pet class and get hurt as much as this line show
-- then i need to do one of the biggest heals i got (around 3500) and the hawk will have healed like half of that line so that - is left (a little bit less)...
this mean that they got a HELL OF ALOT OF HP and...that they are a pain in the ass to heal -_-

But for dd & pet classes (esspecially pet classes)....HAWKS ROCKS!!!
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PostSubject: Re: New Thread About Pets?   Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:01 pm

Thank you this will be some useful information, but I have one question?

When I get a Kenta how would you go about that one?

Pet are still very new to me, heck I didn't start using a pet until I was lvl 65. affraid

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PostSubject: Re: New Thread About Pets?   Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:28 am

we all know that you are abit slow Fatal Razz

a kenta is a dd so I would believe that you should build it as an orc at least I would think that the basics are the same but I really have no idea Oo I've never had a kenta or gotten the privilege too look at their skills
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PostSubject: Re: New Thread About Pets?   

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New Thread About Pets?
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