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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Guild Rules Icon_minitimeWed Jul 02, 2008 1:39 pm

Please read all of the following rules and regulations.

If this meets with your approval, go to the forum titled “guild applications” and submit your brief application.


§ 1: Only English is allowed in guild chat and forum.

§ 2: You must be 16 years or older to join this guild. The only exception is if one of the guild leaders gives a special invitation.

§ 3: No whining, begging, racism, spam, inappropriate language, and similar things in game or on the forum.

§ 4: Be friendly and helpful to the guild members. No bad language!

§ 5: Botting\\hacking\\scamming is STRICTLY forbidden and will result in permanent ban.

§ 6: Be active in game and on the forums. Inactivity results in warning, and then a permanent ban. (Inactivity = Not been in game\\logged in on forums once in 10 days.)

§ 7: Do not attack other guild members in our alliances unless it is accepted by both\\all players. Backstabbing\\kill stealing of alliance guild members will result in warning, and then a permanent ban.

§ 8: If you get into an argue with another guild member, I expect you to either fix it or to do nothing. By nothing I mean that you should just let it go. It is possible to act professional to a member, even if you dislike the person. The last thing wanted is a constant flame war and arguing. Continuous arguing etc. of other guild members will result in a permanent ban. (This does of course not cover constructive criticism.)

§ 9: You are obligated to follow the guidelines\\plans for Dungeon Sieges. If you keep going rambo or don’t follow the plans, you will be banned. We expect our players to be loyal to the in game rules or any plans we make!

§ 10: You can not be banned without all the the Guild Leaders approval. Guild Leaders: Guild Master and Vice Guild Master

Once again, if this meets your approval, go to the forum titled “guild applications” and submit your brief application.
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Guild Rules
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