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 Just a few Tips for the next Race

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Just a few Tips for the next Race Empty
PostSubject: Just a few Tips for the next Race   Just a few Tips for the next Race Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2008 9:25 am

Well we had our third Guild Event. I would say people did not prepare as well for this one. I think some got excited about the event itself and forgot to check and make sure they were properly prepared. So, just a few suggestions.

Make sure you have time on your Ortho or you Lydian - you do not want your time to run out in the middle of the race.

For those of you that have gpotatoes, buy some Fairy God Mother Bottles - so that if you die, no one has to rez you and you will have all your exp. in the event you die. (those of you that have no gpotatoes and no way of getting them, speak to me or Blaze please)

Look over the map before the game - this is a map I found and it is excellent! Look over the map, it will help you find the places you need to go to. Here is the Link: This map shows you everything including every dungeon location in the game. The new dungeon I noticed has no name on the map but all the same it is there.

Listen to the clues well, all of the clues have some element of the location you need to find. We can not hand you the location. There must be some effort involved - the prize at the end is worth it.

Communicate with your partner - I have found that it does not seem to matter what your level is. Let me explain. You can be level 100, but if you are use to teleporting everywhere on the map, then that person does not know how to travel on a mount from place to place and has to find their way the same as you. There are a lot of people in the race that do not and never have had a hidden valley pass. They will know the terrian far better than those that teleport all the time. I am guilty of that myself. I did not know the terrian and this is teaching me. So, study the map. I take the ride before you do to see how hard it is. I have died along the way many times.

Most of all - have fun with it! If you get lost laugh! Remember it is a race, but it is also a game!

Just a few Tips for the next Race K
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Just a few Tips for the next Race
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