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 Facts On Pk and Reports

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PostSubject: Facts On Pk and Reports   Facts On Pk and Reports Icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2008 3:35 pm

If you have a run in with someone, please tell us about it so that we can all beware of the incident. Make sure the facts you list are correct, we will have to rely on what you say. That means make sure if you are listing some one as a pker, they must have pk'd you first!

Only an Officer is allowed to add someone to the KOS list. That is after the incident has been looked into and the facts are not conflicting.

I hope that is very clear, we do not want to go after someone only to find that you killed them for no reason or that you provoked the incident. If you provoke an incident, that gives the other person a valid reason to PK you. So please, post all incidents with as much information as possible.

If someone is KS'ing you. Please make sure it was not by accident. Make sure you have given the person warnings and print the screen as proof. Then you have a right to pk that person and we as a guild will back you up. So once again, make sure you have the Proof.

Make sure all incidents are reported to the officer online or put it in the post. If an officer has asked you to back down and you still insist on going after the party involved, you will be dismissed from the guild with no further warnings. That would be totally disrespecting the officer involved.

The reason for the harsness in this matter - incidents can cause wars. We will not run from a war! But we will not cause a war that should never have started.

Therefore, this is a no tolerance area! If you can not live by this then you are in the wrong Guild! We would be sorry to lose you. But there would be no choice.

This is a non-PK'ing Guild! This Guild will Pk but only after being Pk'd or Provoked! So please, make sure all your facts are straight!

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Facts On Pk and Reports
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