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PostSubject: A WARNING FROM ADMIN   Wed Jul 09, 2008 3:09 pm


To All ForceOfOne Guild Members !!!

Buying or selling of Rupees/gold from a third party will result in being banned from the game by Rappelz/Gpotatoes and being banned from the guild.

No matter what NPC in the game is broadcasting - No matter what banner you see - No matter how safe people make it seem - No This - IT IS ILLEGAL !!!!!!!!

Please read the post created by a guild member that did not realize this was illegal and bought gold because of an NPC broadcast in the game. This happened to that guild member before this post. Therefore, there was no action taken against the guild member. But now that the warning as been posted for all to read. There will be consquences for buying the gold - no exceptions.

If there are any questions or comments reqarding this post, please direct to questions to Admin or the Guild Master either by private pm or create a post.

Cheating Never Works - Play it Safe!!!!!!

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