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 Siege Rules

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PostSubject: Siege Rules   Siege Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2009 12:02 pm

Since there has been some difficulties with the last sieges we have done, we would like to apply some rules for sieging.

1.Please inform your guild leaders/officers if you are able to siege ahead of time so that the parties may be made ahead of time for the siege. If you are not sure if you can make the siege you will be placed on a standby list and if you show up let you guild leader know you are there so that you may be placed into the appropriate party.

2.Please try to be at the siege one hour before siege time. This give us time to adjust the parties if there are any guild members that are not able to attend.

3.Please do not give buffs until told to buff people so that we do not buff to early.

4.Please do not ask to be placed in a certain party as the parties are already decided in advance during meetings we have regarding the siege ( guild members are place in certain parties according to the needs of each party).

5.Each party has a party leader, please listen to your party leader at all times. It is very important to do what your party leader tells you to do even if you feel what you are being told is wrong. This will keep down confusion. We can discuss any disagreements you had with you party leader after the siege. To have any disagreements during the siege may result in losing the siege.

6.Those that are not party leaders will no longer be allowed to talk in TeamSpeak during a siege. Only the party leaders and spotters will be allowed to talk. It becomes very very confusing to have too many people speaking at once and the party leaders are trying to give instructions along with non-party leaders trying to give instructions/comments. Therefore, during a siege, all guild members that are not party leaders/spotters will be muted until the end of the siege. If you wish to say something please inform your party leader by typing in party chat and your party leader will inform the rest on TeamSpeak If you have a party leader that is not on TeamSpeak, they will inform us by typing in alliance chat the necessary instructions/comments.

7.Please make sure you stay with your party at all times unless otherwise directed to be elsewhere.

Remember a good siege requires good planning, group participation and co-operation from all involved. Letís have fun with it! But never forget it is a battle that is best won by strategic planning.

Siege Rules K
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Siege Rules
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